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Who Are We ?

At the crossroads of industry, research, and culture, IHA is a unique resource and expertise centre dedicated to the conservation of aluminium's heritage.

  • 35 years at the service of aluminum history and heritage
  • A non-profit association with approximately 200 members
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  • Recognized expertise
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Our Mission

The IHA preserves and highlights the heritage of aluminium: archives, documentary materials, iconography, art and design objects, collective memory, oral histories…


The IHA advocates for and supports research in humanities and social sciences on aluminium.

  • It orients and guides researchers in history, management, sociology, geography, arts, and architecture.
  • It provides them with a documentary resource centre, a scientific framework, and facilities for completing their work.
  • It conducts its own research programs and participates in collaborative research in partnership with public research centres (Créalu, Fralubec, Archipal).
  • It contributes to the overall history of aluminium in France and worldwide through standing committees, oral enquiries, and inter-disciplinary meetings.
  • It conducts historical research and publications at the request of companies and organizations in the aluminium world: history of companies, sites, products, etc.


The IHA promotes the heritage and the history of aluminium to a variety of audiences: the general public, company employees, students, etc.

  • It publishes a bi-annual journal, the Cahiers d'histoire de l'aluminium (The Journal of the History of Aluminium).
  • It publishes, co-publishes or helps to publish books.
  • It participates in heritage enhancement projects : exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, museum tours, etc.