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As part of its mission to promote research and heritage related to aluminium, the IHA conducts an active publication policy.

The IHA employs different methods that vary according to project:

  • it supports the publication of quality academic work,
  • it oversees the design work for publication, for which it supervises writing and editing,
  • it leads editorial projects in response to commissions from companies or institutions.

The IHA has worked and is working with many publishers:Armand Colin, les Editions de l’Atelier, CNRS-Editions, Economica, Gallimard, les Editions du Mécène, les Presses Universitaires de Grenoble, REF.2C, les Presses de l’Université Paris-Sorbonne, etc.

Among the publications supported or supervised by the IHA

Works that aim to make the general public aware of aluminium, its history and its heritage:

Academic work, often from doctoral theses, that delves into an aspect of the aluminum industry:




Monographs that capture the life of a factory, a research laboratory:




Books resulting from the work carried out by former aluminum professionals within IHA commissions and working groups, often centered on the history of aluminum production and transformation techniques :