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From Kuhlmann to PUK (Pechiney Ugine Kuhlmann) 1825-1982

From Eminent Chemist to French multinational

The man, the chemist, the industrialist and the company he founded, all combine to shed light on the contemporary history of France in its economic, social and political dimensions: this is the aim of the project, which we invite you to contribute to.

The Kuhlmann project: Heritage and History

Restoring the Kuhlmann Company to its rightful place in the memory and history of our country.

An initiative of the Institute for the History of Aluminium (IHA), descendants of Frédéric Kuhlmann and recognized historians, the project has three complementary dimensions:


  • Heritage: enriching and making accessible a Kuhlmann collection of archives, documentation, photographs, eyewitness accounts, objects, etc.
    This collection is compiled by specialists at IHA's Resource Centre.


  • History: to support and renew research initatives by committed historians.


  • Publishing and Communication: supporting the team of researchers in producing an original book on Kuhlmann and his work.

A Collaborative Project

A Collection of Unpublished Sources

To achieve these objectives, the project is based on an approach aimed at bringing together unpublished documentary resources by bringing together the various stakeholders. In particular, this involves collecting testimonials and documents from the family, former members of the Kuhlmann Establishments, the Compagnie Française des Matières colorants (The French Company for Colouring Material), the group's subsidiaries and all those who are familiar with the company and its legacy.


To achieve this goal, we are going to launch, through social networks, an ambitious campaign to collect unpublished documentary resources - family archives, business archives, testimonies, photographs, etc. - which will contribute to modernizing our research methodologies in recovering this lost history.

Thanks to the use of online media, the participants in this adventure will be able to exchange with the historians and heritage specialists mobilized on this project.

How to Participate in the Kuhlmann project?

To carry out this project, the organizers are reaching out all those who wish to know the true history of the Kuhlmann group, that of a family, a fundamental stakeholder in a cutting-edge industrial sector.


To participate in this project, you can:


  • Enrich the Kuhlmann fund by entrusting us with documentation, archives, family papers, images, objects.
  • Bring your testimony on one of the aspects of the history of the company and its founders


If you want to know more or participate in this project : 

Contact : Elvire Coumont


> Find all the information by downloading the project presentation brochure.