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Research at the IHA

The IHA is a centre for resources expertise in the history of aluminium and is a leader in research in the social sciences and humanities relating to aluminium’s social impact.

  • It provides researchers with a set of unique resources (specialised library, archives) on aluminium and its history,
  • It welcomes and guides researchers in its research library,
  • It oversees a network of research specialists,
  • It takes part in collaborative research programmes and scientific events in partnership with university laboratories,
  • It organises a research seminars bringing together professionals and academics,
  • It offers its expertise to partners undertaking research on their history and/or their heritage,
  • It promotes the results of research: publications, publication materials, digital tools, etc.

Looking for Information on Aluminium and its History? We Can Help You!

If you have a question about aluminium and its history, if you would like to be put in touch with a specialist, or if you would like to contribute to research, please reach out to us at histalu(at)histalu.org