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Audio-Visual Collections

The audio-visual collection preserved by the IHA is made up of approximately 470 documents, produced for the most part after 1950. The majority of this collection consists of a donation made in 2005 by the Communication Department of Alcan Paris (formerly Pechiney).


This collection contains a variety of different kinds of formats of images:

  • in standard formats such as: Pal, Secam, NTSC,
  • on different kinds of film and materials: 8 mm, VHS, Betacam, ¾ inch U-Matic cassette, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.
  • and a variety of different kinds of images: corporate film, advertising films, recordings of public meeting, extracts or the entirety of broadcasts for the general public (television news, reports, etc.)…

This collection was archived at the  National Library of France  (BNF) in 2012, which is gradually cataloguing and digitizing it. 
Existing records can be accessed by searching for “Institute for the History of Aluminium” in the audio-visual catalogue.
The conditions of access are then specified on each of the archival references.