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Our Publications

The publication policy of the IHA is based on:

  • Our Ambition: to share knowledge about aluminium and its legacy
  • Our Approach: to offer a diversity of perspectives
  • Our Standards: editorial quality reflecting our research policy and recognized expertise in publishing


Since 1987, the IHA has edited and published the Cahiers d’histoire de l’aluminium / Journal for the History of Aluminium, a biannual journal devoted to the history, culture of aluminium heritage.

The Journal of the History of Aluminium offers an overview of recent research in the social sciences, humanities, cultural and scientific events, collections and research tools related to aluminium.

The journal publishes articles in French, in English or in a bilingual version, written by researchers, both young and experienced, and heritage professionals. It also makes room for former aluminium professionals, who write studies or give testimonies on the history of their industry.

The Journal of the History of Aluminium is a reference within the community of researchers and amateurs interested in the history of this lightweight metal.

Reference Books for a Diverse Audience

As part of its mission to promote research and heritage related to aluminium, the IHA conducts an active publication policy.

The IHA employs different methods that vary according to project:

  • it supports the publication of quality academic work,
  • it oversees the design work for publication, for which it supervises writing and editing,
  • it leads editorial projects in response to commissions from companies or institutions.